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Duty Roster & Program Date Assignments
Waukee Rotary July 2017 - December 2017
July 6
Program/Clean-up:  Drew’s Crew for Kids (Anna Bergman)
Greeters:                    Ray Meister & Brad Mills 
Invocation:                Tom Hunt
Sergeant:                   Erna Morain 
July 13
Program/Clean-up: Mark Good, Director of Zero Prostate Cancer Run (Chris Curran)
Greeters:                    Tim Moerman & Jennifer Neff  
Invocation:                John Irving 
Sergeant:                   Brad Kobernusz 
July 20
Program/Clean-up:  Gary Slater - CEO of Iowa State Fair (Aaron Putze/Chris Curran)
Greeters:                    Erna Morain & Steve Pugh
Invocation:                Brad Kobernusz
Sergeant:                   Matt Olson 
July 27
Program/Clean-up:  Club Administration
Greeters:                    Angela Mueller & Devon Murphy-Petersen   
Invocation:                Jack Jones
Sergeant:                   Anna Bergman 
Aug 3
Program/Clean-up:  RYLA & Y-RYLA Students
Greeters:                    Aaron Putze & Ron Smith
Invocation:                Paul Kerkhoff
Sergeant:                   Ryan Larson 
Aug 10
Program/Clean-up:  Chris Burch, Dir Des Moines Marathon (Kim Stewart)
Greeters:                    Jerry Purdy & Matt Olson   
Invocation:                Kirk Johnson
Sergeant:                   Ray Meister 
Aug 17 – No Meeting SOLHEIM CUP
Aug 24
Program/Clean-up:  Dr Richard Deming, Above & Beyond Cancer (Chris Curran)
Greeters:                    John Quinn & Matthew Reeves
Invocation:                Ryan Larson 
Sergeant:                   Chris Curran 
Aug 31
Program/Clean-up:   Melanie Pomerantz  - Executive Director - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation    (Drew Strube)
Greeters:                    Dick & Sue Rasmussen 
Invocation:                Ray Meister
Sergeant:                   Aaron Putze 
Sept 7
Program/Clean-up:  Sue Ellen Kennedy - Waukee Historical Society   (Terri Turner)
Greeters:                    Ron & Pat Robbins 
Invocation:                Brad Mills
Sergeant:                   Frank Hayer 
Sept 14
Program/Clean-up:  Outlets of Des Moines   (Craig Thompson)
Greeters:                    Steve Sandahl & Aaron Spooner
Invocation:                Tim Moerman
Sergeant:                   Mark Heffernan 
Sept 21
Program/Clean-up:  Brett Volwes
Greeters:                    Roger Schlaefer & Dale Belknap 
Invocation:                Erna Morain
Sergeant:                   Steve Gilbert 
Sept 28
Program/Clean-up:  Mike Dorwart - WHO Radio
Greeters:                    Kim Stewart & Jim Strauss 
Invocation:                Angela Mueller
Sergeant:                   Dan Dutcher 
Oct 5
Program/Clean-up:  Josefine and Nayem - Exchange Students   (Terry Welker) 
Greeters:                    Drew Strube & Craig Thompson
Invocation:                Devon Murphy-Petersen
Sergeant:                   Brad Mills 
Oct 12
Program/Clean-up:  Cody Kilgore - Waukee Area Arts Council   (John Wemer)
Greeters:                    Terri Turner & Brett Volwes 
Invocation:                Jennifer Neff
Sergeant:                   Tim Moerman 
Oct 19
Program/Clean-up:  District Gov Mike Ruby  
Greeters:                    Linda Waknitz & Terry Welker   
Invocation:                Matt Olson
Sergeant:                   Angela Mueller 
Oct 26
Program/Clean-up:  Tim Moerman - Local Option Sales Tax
Greeters:                    John Wemer & Joyce Wheeler
Invocation:                Steve Pugh 
Sergeant:                   Devon Murphy-Petersen 
Nov 2
Program/Clean-up:  Joe LeValley - Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association  (Melinda Behn)
Greeters:                    Steve Banks & Cynde Cronin 
Invocation:                Jerry Purdy
Sergeant:                   Jennifer Neff 
Nov 9
Program/Clean-up:  Melissa Stimple - Waukee Area Christian Services   (Joyce Wheeler)  
Greeters:                    Russ Baugh & Melinda Behn
Invocation:                Aaron Putze
Sergeant:                   Steve Pugh 
Nov 16
Program/Clean-up:  Jennifer Webster - OneBody3   (Terry Welker)
Greeters:                    Tom Young & Anna Bergman
Invocation:                John Quinn
Sergeant:                   Jerry Purdy 
Nov 23 – No Meeting THANKSGIVING
Nov 30
Program/Clean-up:  Jesus Soto - CEO of Proteus, Inc.  (Tom Young)
Greeters:                    Dan Bever & Jim Blessman   
Invocation:                Dick Rasmussen
Sergeant:                   Denise Hayes 
Dec 7
Program/Clean-up:  Harry Hillaker - State Climatologist   (Aaron Putze)
Greeters:                    Craig Bullis & Craig Butterfield 
Invocation:                Ron Robbins
Sergeant:                   Tom Hunt 
Dec 14
Program/Clean-up:  Dale Belknap
Greeters:                    Ben Chiochon & Matt Corwin 
Invocation:                Sue Rasmussen
Sergeant:                   John Quinn 
Dec 21
Program/Clean-up:  Craig Bullis
Greeters:                    Dave Driscoll & Dan Dutcher   
Invocation:                Pat Robbins
Sergeant:                   Matthew Reeves
Dec 28 – No Meeting Christmas/Holidays