District 6000 has continued to be a pioneer in the Rotary Youth Exchange process, fulfilling the international dreams of high school age students.  In 1962, Rotary Youth Exchange expanded to the United States with seven students from Europe and Scandinavia. District 6000, then known as District 600, participated in that first U.S. exchange by hosting a girl from Sweden. Between 30-40 teenagers to and from this district attend a year of high school in another country and help foster international understanding and world peace.

District 6000's Youth Exchange committee continues to be recognized for our innovative approach to new exchange concepts. We administered the first ever New Generations Exchange in the country of Argentina followed by the first ever New Generations Exchange in the country of Taiwan.  During the 1998-1999 school year, District 6000 hosted the Simon Estes South African Chorus. This event offered medical care, education, and hope to 40 impoverished South African youth funded totally by Rotarians and concerned citizens from this district. In 2000, District 6000 was recognized by the USA/Canada Youth Exchange Network as the"Most Outstanding Youth Exchange District" from their 163 district membership.

Members of the district committee have served on the Rotary International Youth Exchange Committee and as president and committee member of the USA/Canada Network. We are dedicated to developing concepts which will improve the exchange process and maintaining the respect of our exchange partners throughout the world.
Application Process
Thank you for interest in Rotary Youth Exchange.  Please find below the qualifications and a “how to” list to apply to be an Outbound Exchange Student in Rotary District 6000.
Be an above average student.  Possess a well-rounded personality.  Be active in school, community, church, etc.  Students should be well adjusted, particularly in their family relationships.
Students must be between 15 and 18 years old at the time of departure. Students can take their exchange in sophomore, junior, or senior years in high school.  They can also take it after the senior year if they still qualify in age.
They may be from a Rotarian or non-Rotarian family.
Typical exchanges go from mid August to mid June of the following year.
Application Process:
1.      Contact your local Rotary club or the Outbound Coordinator for D6000. If you are unsure of how to find or contact your local club, please send an email of interest to apply@rye6000.org
2.      Begin to fill out the long term application, schedule medical and dental exams.  The application forms can take quite some time to complete, so please start early and allow time to finish and complete before Nov. 1.
3.      Interview with the local Rotary club that is sponsoring you.
4.      Two original copies of the completed application need to be received by the Outbound Coordinator before Nov. 1.  In addition, a soft copy of the application is to be sent via e-mail to apply@rye6000.org
  Note: Late applications will be accepted on a case by case basis.  Absolute deadline: January 1st.
5.      Interview with the District 6000 youth exchange committee in November—before Thanksgiving
6.      Students accepted into the program must attend all mandatory training sessions and other required Rotary events beginning in January.  Some training sessions require parent/guardian attendance.
Applicants who have not yet attended Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) will be required to attend RYLA in July (dates will vary from year to year.)
7.      Parents will be required to attend some of these meetings.
8.      Costs:   

District 6000 fee            $2500 (payable in 2 equal installments – January and March)
Airplane ticket                $1500-$2500
Visa                                  $50-$300
Health Insurance           $900
Emergency Fund            $400
Approximate Totals       $5050 - $6300
9.     District 6000 has limited funds to provide financial assistance to outbound students who may need help. Upon being accepted into the exchange program, the student must submit a letter of request, stating her/his financial need, along with a letter of recommendation from the sponsoring Rotary club. The submission will be evaluated by a Youth Exchange committee and an award may be provided to the student.
For more information check these web sites -- rotary6000.org , SCRYE.org, and rotary.org