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Duty Roster & Program Date Assignments
Waukee Rotary March 2018 - June 2018
Mar 1
Program/Clean-up:  Brooke Hovick - Hilton Des Moines Downtown   (Chris Curran)
Greeters:                 Kirk Johnson & Paul Kerkhoff
Invocation:               Terry Welker
Sergeant:                Drew Strube 
Mar 8
Program/Clean-up:  Dr. Andrew Nish - Medical Director John Stoddard Cancer Center  (Craig Butterfield)
Greeters:                 Brad Kobernusz & Ryan Larson 
Invocation:               John Wemer
Sergeant:                Craig Thompson 
Mar 15
Program/Clean-up:  Steve Gilbert
Greeters:                 Brad Mills & Tim Moerman
Invocation:               Joyce Wheeler
Sergeant:                Terri Turner 
Mar 22
Program/Clean-up:  Brenda Long - Garden Gate Ranch  (Drew Strube)
Greeters:                 Erna Morain & Devon Murphy-Petersen 
Invocation:               Tom Young
Sergeant:                Brett Volwes 
Mar 29
Program/Clean-up:   Jay Byers - Greater Des Moines Partnership   (Tom Hunt)
Greeters:                 Matt Olson & Steve Pugh    
Invocation:               Steve Banks
Sergeant:                Terry Welker
Apr 5
Program/Clean-up:  Rotary International Tree Planting Project  (Anna Bergman)
Greeters:                 Jerry Purdy & Aaron Putze 
Invocation:               Melinda Behn
Sergeant:                Aaron Spooner
Apr 12
Program/Clean-up:  Jim Miller - Waukee Betterment Foundation   (Bobby Daniels)          
Greeters:                 John Quinn & Matthew Reeves
Invocation:               Dale Belknap
Sergeant:                John Wemer 
Apr 19
Program/Clean-up:  Rudy Koester - City of Waukee City Construction Projects  (Nathan Hardisty)
Greeters:                 Dick & Sue Rasmussen 
Invocation:               Anna Bergman
Sergeant:                Joyce Wheeler 
Apr 26
Program/Clean-up:  Sarah Hanson - Blessman International  (Frank Hayer)
Greeters:                 Ron & Pat Robbins   
Invocation:               Dan Bever
Sergeant:                Tom Young 
May 3
Program/Clean-up:  Celebrating Youth Event (Youth Services Cmt)
Greeters:                 Steve Sandahl & Roger Schlaefer
Invocation:               Jim Blessman 
Sergeant:                Steve Banks 
May 10
Program/Clean-up:  Mark Heffernan
Greeters:                 Ron Smith & Kim Stewart 
Invocation:               Bobby Daniels
Sergeant:                Melinda Behn 
May 17
Program/Clean-up:  Bob Henderson 
Greeters:                 Aaron Spooner & Jim Strauss
Invocation:               Craig Bullis
Sergeant:                Dale Belknap 
May 24
Program/Clean-up:   Aaron Putze  - China Trip   (Brian Hughes)
Greeters:                 Drew Strube & Craig Thompson
Invocation:               Craig Butterfield
Sergeant:                Anna Bergman 
May 31
Program/Clean-up:  Scott Crawford - RDG Planning and Design - Water Works Park  (Matt Corwin)
Greeters:                 Terri Turner & Brett Volwes   
Invocation:               Matt Corwin
Sergeant:                Dan Bever 
June 7
Program/Clean-up:   Kimberly Hansen - Executive Director of Rebuilding Together   (John Irving)
Greeters:                 Linda Waknitz & Terry Welker 
Invocation:               Cynde Cronin
Sergeant:                Bobby Daniels 
June 14
Program/Clean-up:  Darian Devries - Drake Men's Basketball Coach
Greeters:                 John Wemer & Joyce Wheeler
Invocation:               Chris Curran
Sergeant:                Ron Smith 
June 21
Program/Clean-up:  Paul Kerkhoff
Greeters:                 Tom Young & Steve Banks   
Invocation:               David Driscoll
Sergeant:                Sean Fredregill
June 28
Program/Clean-up:  Change-over/Passing of the Gavel   
Greeters:                 Melinda Behn & Dale Belknap 
Invocation:               Dan Dutcher
Sergeant:                Jim Strauss