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Waukee Rotary Duty Roster & Program Date Assignments (Jan – June 2021)
Jan 7
Program/Clean-up:         Mike Burke, Shazam Inc (Dave Horner)
Greeters:                            N/A                       
Invocation:                         Sam Charnetski
Sergeant:                            Matt Olson
Jan 14
Program/Clean-up:         Chad Bourquin, Big Time Grain Co (Aaron Putze)
Greeters:                            N/A
Invocation:                          Courtney Clarke 
Sergeant:                             Aaron Putze 
Jan 21
Program/Clean-up:         Emily Schmitt, Sukup Mfg - Safe T Home Project (Wendy Marsh)
Greeters:                             N/A
Invocation:                          Matt Corwin
Sergeant:                             Jerry Purdy 
Jan 28
Program/Clean-up:         Tom Welchans & Sue Rasmussen, RI Fnd/Paul Harris Fellow update
Greeters:                             N/A   
Invocation:                          Cynde Cronin
Sergeant:                             Dick Rasmussen 
Feb 4
Program/Clean-up:         Serkan Hasanusta, Ballet Des Moines (Aaron Spooner)
Greeters:                             Gareth & Cassie Lourens
Invocation:                          Chris Curran
Sergeant:                             John Quinn 
Feb 11
Program/Clean-up:         Glen Lewis, Exec Dir Edgewater “2020, Dealing with the Pandemic in Congregant Living” (Ron Smith)
Greeters:                             Brad Kobernusz & Allan Latcham   
Invocation:                          David Driscoll
Sergeant:                             Matthew Reeves 
Feb 18
Program/Clean-up:         Steve Larson, Administrator State Alcoholic Beverages Div (Jim Strauss)
Greeters:                             Brad Mills & Tim Moerman   
Invocation:                          Dan Dutcher
Sergeant:                             Sue Rasmussen 
Feb 25
Program/Clean-up:           Drew Strube
Greeters:                              Wendy Marsh & Erna Morain
Invocation:                          John Eldred 
Sergeant:                             Govindan Sadagopan 
Mar 4
Program/Clean-up:         Brad Thomason, Project Exec Ryan Cos, US Federal Courthouse Project (Craig Thompson)
Greeters:                             Devon Murphy & Matt Olson 
Invocation:                          Tori Flattery
Sergeant:                             Steve Sandahl 
Mar 11
Program/Clean-up:         Randy Wehofer, Asst GM I-Cubs (Aaron Putze)
Greeters:                             Mark Peiffer & Jerry Purdy 
Invocation:                          Mark Haddinger
Sergeant:                             Roger Schlaefer 
Mar 18
Program/Clean-up:           Safi Manneh (Joyce Wheeler)  
Greeters:                              Aaron Putze & John Quinn
Invocation:                          Nathan Hardisty
Sergeant:                             Ben Sinclair 
Mar 25
Program/Clean-up:          Raised Hunting (Keegan Wilkening)
Greeters:                             Dick & Sue Rasmussen 
Invocation:                          Frank Hayer
Sergeant:                             Ron Smith 
Apr 1st
Program/Clean-up:         Rob Taylor, Revelton Distillery (Brian Hughes)
Greeters:                             Matthew Reeves & Govindan Sadagopan
Invocation:                          Denise Hays
Sergeant:                             Aaron Spooner 
Apr 8
Program/Clean-up:         Angela Franklin President DMU (Mark Pfeiffer)
Greeters:                             Steve Sandahl & Roger Schlaefer
Invocation:                          Mark Heffernan
Sergeant:                             Chris Curran 
Apr 15
Program/Clean-up:         Tom Young  
Greeters:                             Aaron Spooner & Jim Strauss 
Invocation:                          David Horner
Sergeant:                             Eric Ryan 
Apr 22
Program/Clean-up:         Melinda Behn  
Greeters:                             Drew Strube & Craig Thompson   
Invocation:                          Tom Hunt
Sergeant:                             John Wemer 
Apr 29
Program/Clean-up:         Scott Raecker, Uganda project - Intl Cmt w/DM Club (Wendy Marsh)
Greeters:                             Terri Turner & Brett Vowles
Invocation:                          Terry Hulburt 
Sergeant:                             Jim Strauss 
May 6
Program/Clean-up:         Collin Lane, Jr Achievement of Central IA (Devin Boyer)     
Greeters:                             Tom Welchans & Chris Curran
Invocation:                          John Irving
Sergeant:                             Drew Strube 
May 13
Program/Clean-up:         Brad Buck
Greeters:                             John Wemer & Joyce Wheeler
Invocation:                          Kirk Johnson
Sergeant:                             Matt Hillis 
May 20
Program/Clean-up:         Brad Brockman
Greeters:                             Keegan Wilkening & Carmen Willmore   
Invocation:                          Paul Kerkhoff
Sergeant:                             Terri Turner 
May 27
Program/Clean-up:         Craig Bullis
Greeters:                             Tom Young & Steve Banks 
Invocation:                          Brad Kobernusz
Sergeant:                             Brett Vowles 
June 3
Program/Clean-up:         Sam Charnetski  
Greeters:                             Melinda Behn & Dan Bever 
Invocation:                          Allan Latcham
Sergeant:                             Tom Welchans 
June 10
Program/Clean-up:         Courtney Clarke
Greeters:                             Devin Boyer & Brad Brockman   
Invocation:                          Glen Lewis
Sergeant:                             Joyce Wheeler
June 17 
Program/Clean-up:         Kyle Davy, D’town Soccer Stadium (Brad Kobernusz)     
Greeters:                             Brad Buck & Craig Bullis 
Invocation:                          Cassie Lourens
Sergeant:                             Keegan Wilkening
June 24 
Program/Clean-up:         Passing of the Gavel - Intro of New Board/President 
Greeters:                             Craig Butterfield & Sam Charnetski 
Invocation:                          Wendy Marsh
Sergeant:                             Carmen Willmore